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generate java spring crud app with spring Initializr

Java Spring Boot

Crud App with Spring Boot Objective In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a crud app using Spring Boot . Environment Java Spring boot Mysql Spring Boot Java version Create a Java app with Spring Initializr Generate Java Spring App Open Java Spring App with IntelliJ IDEA Add model repository controller exception […]

symfony 6 app

Symfony 6.1.4 Installation

Symfony 6.1.4 Tutorial Part 1: Installation In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and setup Symfony 6.1.4 on windows 10, I used xampp, composer, Symfony CLI Install Xampp Install Composer Add Path /Php Environment Variable Composer version PHP version Install Symfony CLI : open Windows PowerShell not cmd !!! Install scoop Install […]

test endpoint RapidAPI hajeredcuationapi

Create an API using nodejs , express , cheerio and  Axios

Description This project is an API which returns the list of articles from my website hajereducation.tn You can see the list of the latests articles from all the categories on my website or the list of the latests articles from a specific category . Environment : Code editor , js , … VS Code Windows […]

How to create SSH Key GitHub ?

SSH Key Github https://docs.github.com/en/authentication/connecting-to-github-with-ssh/generating-a-new-ssh-key-and-adding-it-to-the-ssh-agent https://docs.github.com/en/github-ae@latest/authentication/connecting-to-github-with-ssh/testing-your-ssh-connection

jQuery Selectors

jQuery Selectors

jQuery Selectors : Selector Example Selects * $(« * ») All elements #id $(« #lastname ») The element with id= »lastname » .class $(« .intro ») All elements with class= »intro » .class,.class $(« .intro,.demo ») All elements with the class « intro » or « demo » element $(« p ») All <p> elements el1,el2,el3 $(« h1,div,p ») All <h1>, <div> and <p> elements       :first $(« p:first ») The first <p> element :last $(« p:last ») […]

array javascript

Array Javascript

Array Javascript Name Description concat() Joins arrays and returns an array with the joined arrays constructor Returns the function that created the Array object’s prototype copyWithin() Copies array elements within the array, to and from specified positions entries() Returns a key/value pair Array Iteration Object every() Checks if every element in an array pass a […]


Node.js overview

Node.js Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on the V8 JavaScript engine [1] [1] :https://nodejs.org/docs/latest-v17.x/api/documentation.html V8 is Google’s open source high-performance JavaScript and WebAssembly engine, written in C++ [2] [2] :https://v8.dev/ WebAssembly (abbreviated Wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. Wasm is designed as a portable compilation target for programming languages, enabling deployment […]

Balise Page Html

HTML Résumé

Traitement d’image sous MATLAB RESUME MATLAB IMAGE Fonction Commande MATLAB Lire Image imread() Afficher Image imshow() Composante Rouge (red) r(:,:,[2 3])=0 Composante Verte (green) g(:,:,[1 3])=0 Composante Bleue (blue) b(:,:,[1 2])=0 Rapport PDF « Traitement d’image sous MATLAB » Rapport Word « Traitement d’image sous MATLAB » Video « Test Interface GUI sous MATLAB »


RGB Pixel Image MATLAB

DATA CURSOR Matlab Objectif Tout d’abord , si vous avez vu la partie précédente du traitement d’image sous Matlab vous avez appris alors comment décomposer une image sous les 3 plans (RGB ) du couleur d’une pixel qui sont : Rouge ( Red ) Vert ( Green ) Bleu ( Blue ) En fait , la […]



CHART JS EXAMPLES Netbeans | AmchartS | Dashboard Amcharts JavaScript Résumé Tout d’abord , les Logiciels utilisés pour ce Tutorial          » CHART JS EXAMPLES  » sont les suivants : Netbeans Glassfish Mysql Workbench Xampp Alors , vous trouvez ici les caractéristiques de   l’application :  Type de projet : Java Web –> Web […]

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